Savouring a wonderful land

The charm of the panorama which our guests can savour from the villas is emblematic of the richness of the territory, of the opportunities and the natural beauties of the area.

The typical the villages and hamlets

There are truly fascinating towns, villages and hamlets quite near to Residenza Conte Ruggero, such as the picturesque hamlet of Torre Marino which overlooks the sea, the world-famous town of Tropea with its views over the beaches and its vibrant streets filled with local people and tourists, typical restaurants and fascinating shops or Santa Domenica with its enchanting shores.

Sea and Nature

The villas are surrounded by a peaceful park from which the eye travels easily to the surrounding sea out to the Eolian Islands. These views invite guests to explore the coast which is full of secluded beaches and enchanting bays accessible only on foot or by boat.

A series of bays and cliffs between Riaci, Formicoli and Capo Vaticano are justly famous for the beauty and the variety of the sea bed, and the fascinating fauna and flora of the Mediterranean maquis.

This is all made even more exotic by the presence of shellfish and corals which are typically found in tropical seas.

The Beaches

Footpaths near the complex lead to secluded beaches and bays. The bays and cliffs make up part of the Coast of the Gods and are famous for the breathtaking beauties of sea and seabed. The complex is ideally situated to make the journey to the beaches of Riaci, Tropea, Capo Vaticano or Zambrone short and simple.


It is possible to organise trips to see the Eolian Islands, the  Riace Bronzes, Taormina, and the whole region to discover the Calabrese culture and traditions.

…Coast to coast trips to the Eolian Islands  and along the coast in the catamaran “Maranto”

Food and Wine

The area is particularly rich in gastronomic excellence stemming from the local agriculture and traditions offering lovers of genuine flavours a wide choice of exquisite products amongst which is the famous Spilinga ‘nduja, the red onions of Tropea  the ewe’s milk cheese of Monte Poro and many more.

Gente e costumi